Laughing Out Loud

Laughing and joy are important. I, myself, just finished laughing out loud with my husband. 

We took our puppies for a short walk, and TaTonka saw a rabbit and took off. They both wear(wore) these cute shirt-like, velcro harnesses. Tonka’s came undone, and we were off to the races! 

Skip, my husband, had forgotten his “magic knee”(a spiffy knee brace), and has not been able to run in quite awhile. He LOVES that dog, so he RAN! It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! Don’t worry, Skip knows I am writing this; he was laughing, too.

Before he finally got a knee brace, I called him noodle knee. His knee would collapse to the side, and wiggle like a noddle- it was disturbing. He made it through the sprint uninjured, and with his dog.

One of the joys I have, is taking them for a walk. We live at about 7000 feet, and about 10 miles from the base of a 14,000 foot mountain. We have lots of wildlife in the city; from rabbits, foxes, deer, beer, and elk. It is really cool.

I am beginning to ramble, so goodbye, for now.


4 thoughts on “Laughing Out Loud

  1. I love it. Grand. I can understand that panic and the relief when your pet is safe in your control again. I can understand your husband’s gait when he ran. I will tell you someday of my joy when I got to walk again. It was so happy, and also scary. Hugs.


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