Little Life Savers

Our babies!
TTop picture is my husband’s baby, TaTonka. Bottom picture is my baby, Kevin.

We got to bring them home last Christmas Eve. It was the best Christmas! 


11 thoughts on “Little Life Savers

      1. bethanyk

        Oh how I need a DOG!!!!! After 14 years to have nothing now….we’ve been looking for over a month. It’s so hard when I had THE perfect dogs. Just waiting to find a connection with any one of these sweet dogs. Hopefully this week the perfect dog will come.

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      2. I had not had a dog for many, many years. They have saved both our lives. My hubby is a war hero with PTSD, TBI’s, and more fun stuff. It is so hard to find a place for a service dog. They are tiny, but have the biggest hearts! When we got them, my husband wanted Kevin, and named him Diego. I chose TaTonka, and named him B.H Todd.Big Head Todd. They, however, had different ideas. They switched it up on us- Kevin hated the name Diego. It was funny. They chose us. I will be thinking good thoughts this week. You will find one, I know it!

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      3. bethanyk

        That is what I am hoping. Having a dog helps with PTSD and anxiety. When I had Jessy I just put my hand on his head or he put his head on me and I immediately felt better. Losing him put everything into overdrive. It would be nice to have something calm that way back down again. Looking for just that..a dog that chooses us..everyone we have looked at but one has been more interested in running around and sniffing and paid us no mind. We will keep looking. Hoping the perfect one for us crosses our path. I love your dogs names. Ours had so many nicknames they came to all of them!

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      1. Oh yes !!!…it takes a lot of time but so worth every second of it…I love when I come home and the ones in the house greet me they are so excited lolol…Lots of love you nailed it!!!!…
        we also let certain ones from outside visit inside and things like that and spend time outdoors with them so they don’t feel left out…my better half does most of the outdoor stuff lol

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  1. They are so cute. What breed are they ? I am so glad for your extended family. I can tell you from experience how much comfort a warm loving pet can give. In my worst of time they have given me comfort and hope. I wish all of you the best. Many warm hugs

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    1. They are Chihuahua mixes. Mom is a Blue Merle; apparently a rare kind. Kevin has that coloring. Tonka is about twice as big as his brother. They are entertaining as hell! It is so much fun to watch them play. Kevin can balance on his tail, like a Kangaroo, for as long as he needs to, it is hilarious! They have made a huge difference in our life.

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