He hates the word hero

This is about my husband, my hero. I have his permission to write these things about him.

He spent 22 years in the Army, and has been to combat many times from Panama, to Bosnia, to Iraq, and many others in between. He has earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.

In his contract, when he joined the Army, was Airborne and Ranger school. HELPFUL HINT: Get it ALL in writing when you join, or you may NEVER get it!

Back when one had to EARN the beret!!

His first duty station was in Germany, and he was attatched to the 69th Chem. Division. They were known as the 69th criminals, just for a bit of background. They did nothing illegal, really, just little Hooligans.

The 69th was RECON, and was the best. Because of this, they were invited on a “Spur Run”, by the Cavalry. It is a big long competition, where you earn your “spurs”, if you complete. It is very difficult. He was an E-3, and one usually had to be an E-5 to be invited.He earned his spurs, and was invited to become Cavalry, and he became a Scout.

Undercover in Bosnia. Second deployment 2002

All the soldiers brought matchbox cars and candy to give all the kids in Bosnia. He was constantly surrounded by children, AND they guarded his vehicle when he was away!

First deployment to Iraq in 2003.

My husband was first boots on the ground in Iraq- in the shit. He was kicking down doors and close quarter combat.

When they and all their equipment got to Kuwait, they welded all kinds of crap onto thier vehicles. They looked like Mad Max going through the desert.Of course, the Army made them take it all off!

Right before he left, the Army doctors told him that he had Lukemia, but they were sending him into combat anyway. He tried to tell the doctor that he thought his blood was messed up, because of all the shots he had to get before deploying. The doctor said no way, no how, could that be.

He goes into combat, thinking he is going to die ANYWAY, and starts acting like an idiot Rambo. IN combat standing up, shooting from each hip, not taking cover, etc. He was being such an idiot, that he got shot TWICE. That was his first Purple Heart. 

The soldiers were not supposed to bring thier cell phones, but they did. My husband was IN combat, and the Army doctor called. he said oops, you are not dying, you do not have Lukemia, and you were correct all along.; your blood was messed up from all the shots you received. IT HAPPENED!! Needless to say, he IMMEDIATLEY took cover and quit acting like an idiot.

During his first deployment, Geraldo Rivera was reporting in the immediate area. He gave a position away of some of our soldiers, and 13 Army Rangers died in an ambush.

That jackass was walking by my husband and his men, and said something wholly inappropriate. My husband honestly does not remember what Rivera said, but it pissed him off. He went after that ass, and Geraldo ran away. Lucky for him my husband’s men held him back.

Second deployment to Iraq, 2005, he ran a prison
  • Skip with some of his prisoners.

In Russian prisons, the guard that is in charge, is the one who beat the shit out of all the other guards. As you can see, Skip is not huge, but he was the one in charge. They were TERRIFIED of him at first. As they stayed there longer, they gave him the name, Abu Shagra; it means the fair one. I am VERY proud of him for this.

The prisoners ate MRE’s. They were allowed to eat all, except the #22. It was pork, and they did not eat it, due to thier religious beliefs. By pure accident, one of the prisoners was given a #22. HE LOVED IT!! All the soldiers tried to explain to him that it was pork. They even drew a picture of a pig. That did it; for all of about half a second. He did not care. They even had the Iraqi interpreter explain what he was asking for. All he would say is, “Mista, mista, number two two”! They were not going to starve the guy, so he ate  pork.

A reporter came out to his prison to do a story, and my husband was talking with the camera man. The guy said that he did not really like his boss, but it was a job. My husband did not know who the reporter was…

Can anyone guess who that reporter was? 

If you guessed the jackass Geraldo Rivera, you win a prize!!

Luckily, my husband’s men saw Geraldo first, and made thier way to my husband, who at that very moment, saw the jackass.

He began running at full speed,  desperately grasping for his pistol. Skip shook off the first four guys, and was going to KILL that idiot. More people piled on Skip and Geraldo ran like a bitch into a building.Needless to say, jackass did NOT get his story.

The Army was supposed to give soldiers at least 12 months inbetween deployments. My husband and his men had 3 MONTHS. My hero brought ALL of his men back, alive, TWICE!! For those of you who may not realise, that is a BIG deal.

I want to thank all of you that hate being called ‘hero’. You are heroes to me, and I will NEVER forget the extreme sacrifices you have made FOR ME. Thank you and I will NEVER FORGET!!

My husband, along with many other heroes have been in more combat, in more countries far away from home than most realize. Please take the time to thank a veteran and active duty personnel whenever you can. They really do appreciate the thought.


5 thoughts on “He hates the word hero

  1. I salute your husband’s service. I also salute yours. I served in two branches of the US military. Those that came before me made it possible for me to serve in peacetime. Something that seems rare now. My service I hope gave some benefits of my skills to those to follow. My best to both of you. Hugs

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