A Veteran’s Letter to Americans

I realize that some of you are very upset about the election, but I do NOT understand why you are protesting DEMOCRACY. My political affiliation does not matter in this; what matters is how you are making THIS veteran feel. Why have the very people who make it possible for you to act like this, been relegated to second-class citizens for so many years?

I hear a lot of lip service, when it comes to the veterans, but I have not seen that Americans really even care about us; if it does not affect their immediate lives, if it is not all over social media, it’s like it doesn’t exsist. 

I realize it is your right to burn my country’s flag, but I find it totally disrespectful. It’s like spitting on the graves of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, for YOU!!

What I want from you is the outrage you are showing towards one person, and show some outrage at how your HEROES are being treated. We have fought AND sacrificed for you, now all we want is you to fight for US. I am not even asking for you to sacrifice anything, just MAKE our government keep it’s word to all of us. THAT goes beyond political parties. 

At what point do WE matter?


4 thoughts on “A Veteran’s Letter to Americans

  1. Oh my friend, I am really sorry the way you have been treated. I will say my first experiences with the VA were very helpful and beneficial. My later experiences were bad, so I left that system. The one thing I would disagree with you. I served to protect the rights of people to disagree with us, the country, the laws, to protest. I , like you may not agree with it, but I will defend it. That is what makes us such a great country. People like you and me who gave times and effort to make sure the protest voices can be heard. You did your part and sadly the system is letting you down. That is not the protesters, that is the leaders letting you down, breaking their promises to you. Again I really wish this all was not happening to you. I had a defective hip put in by the V.A., I suffer every day for it, and can’t do anything because the V.A. is not liable in our legal system. I was left for nearly 24 hours with an open wound nearly nine inches draining to my bed because the P.A. and the nurses were fighting over whose job it was. I was denied pain medication that I normally took at home during surgery because someone forgot to include it into my O.R record. My last V.A. surgery would have killed me but my husband is a medical provider, he worked 12 hour shifts and then came and cleaned me , dressed my wound, and took care of me. But that is not the fault of the protestors. That is the leaders that lied and took advantage of us both. I so wish I could do something to help you, I am so sorry for the injury you have. Be well, be safe, be alive. Many hugs

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      1. Yes you do deserve to feel your way! You more than most. That is my whole point friend. We served so people could say what they wished with out government interference, could protest, could complain. You have a right to do so, and we both served to protect that right. Many hugs

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  2. You matter to me a great deal, and I am ashamed of what the country, the VA and government has done to all of you heroes who have served our country so well. I hope they take care of your physical needs, you deserve so much more.

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