ONE Thing Americans can do for Veterans

I received an email from my Congressman today, about the VA. He is going to be fighting to keep our Veteran’s Access Choice and Accountability act going, which EXPIRES AUGUST 2017. We NEED to keep this program. If not for this program, I would NOT have a diagnosis; and very well may be dead– I was very, very close.

The Veteran’s Administration is very good at prosthetics, and SOME places are good with PTSD and maybe TBIs, but Congress has FINALLY realized that the civilians are so much better with many other things. The VA that I am at, is not good with MST, TBIs, or anything complicated it seems.

I did not realize the difference in just the ATTITUDE of the healthcare workers in the VA, compared to the civilians. Not ONE SINGLE VA DOCTOR GAVE A SHIT ABOUT ME. They ALL assumed that, since I have military sexual trauma, it was all in my head; even as they were running a bunch of torturous tests(with NO sedation, I might add). They did the ONE test that would have diagnosed me, years ago, INCORRECTLY, and I cannot get anyone to listen. On the other side, I told the civilian doctor the SAME THING I had told every, single person at the VA(AND my Congressman), and he came up with a tentative diagnosis RIGHT THERE. He LISTENED. 

For six years, I was trying to tell the VA that a neck surgery they did, had made me ill. The ALL said, no way, no how, that is impossible. They even refused to let me go back to my neurosurgeon. That is CRAP. The civilians did the ONE test that would diagnose me; AND they did it correctly. They saved my life. It terrifies me to think of how many veterans did NOT live to get their diagnoses. 

So here is one thing Americans can do for us, the veterans. Tell your Congressmen they MUST make the CHOICE a priority in the 115th Congress. This SHOULD be a bi-partisan issue—PERIOD. Thank you for your time, and please, tell your Congressmen to PROVE to us, the American people, that those who keep us free, matter. Thank you again, and God bless.


4 thoughts on “ONE Thing Americans can do for Veterans

  1. I am sorry that this was your experience. I am sorry even more that your health is so threatened. I can only say it is different depending where you are. I had great care and doctors when I was in the V.A. in West Palm Beach. Sadly the surgery staff was not so well, but the out patient care was grand. Now in Fort Myers it was different. Low staff, overwhelmed by far to many Patients, doctors not knowing their craft nor reading the history of the ones they treated. I am very glad you have gotten the medical care you need and should have had all along. Best wishes. Hugs

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      1. yes of course! sadly one of the senators who might care is one who is not taking text. The other is not including any input as he did not want to run and hates the job. But I will keep pushing where I can. Hugs.

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