5 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!!

    1. Hearing people say that amazes me. My husband had not seen snow until he was in the Army; he is from San Diego. The town I live in is at the base of a 14,000 foot mountain(Pikes Peak), and we have what the meteorologists call a “donut hole”. We get wind from ALL directions, and that shoots the weather away from us, a lot of the times. We usually get snow a lot sooner. Our snowiest month is in March. Colorado winter is different from the east coast. We can get FEET of snow, and it will be all gone in a couple of days. One of the advantages of living so close to the sun! 🙂

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      1. So if there is a fire does the smoke settle? Are you in the valley then? I live in Florida so there is definitely no snow here. We get a series of cold fronts and the sun is mostly always shining. Although I hate the time change because it gets dark so early! I would love to see snow.


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