Confession of a Skincare Junkie

Having very pale skin, I have had my share of sunburns as a child. SPF products did not come out until my generation had already been burnt to a crisp, many a time. My dad had a pool dug the year before we moved, so we spent a lot of time in the sun. My shoulders and nose would get so burnt, they would blister. HUGE blisters on my shoulders. The only recourse our parents had, was to make us wear t-shirts. 

In junior high, we used to go on ski trips; sometimes overnight. On one such overnight ski trip, I had put sunscreen on my face the first day and got NO color So, stupidly, I decided NOT to wear sunscreen on the second day—BAD IDEA!! My face was so burnt, it was purple. Talk about agony. Thankfully, I was wearing sunglasses, or I could have gone snow blind, not to mention the sheer pain of that burn around my eyes.My mom tried to help by giving me moisturizers, but they just stung so badly. What I ended up doing was washing my face with Noxema, used no lotion and just let my skin peel off. 

Needless to say that was a hard lesson learned, but I did not go without sunscreen again. Unfortunately, the damage had been done. I also neglected my chest for years, so it became darker than the rest of me– sundamage and all. Even the texture was different.

When I was 19 or 20, my mom came to visit me, while I was in the Navy, stationed in Virginia. She asked me what I was using to moisturize my skin. I told her nothing, and she taught me the importance of moisturizing. It took another 10 or 15 years for me to really appreciate her advice.

Since my mid thirties, I have been obssessed with skin care. I have tried many differnt brands, from Philosophy, Sephora, Mabelline, Neutrogena, Sephora, to many department store brands and even high-end, very expensive products with diamonds and gold.

Between the sunburns as a child, and me neglecting my chest area, I have some sun spots on my face, and my neck and chest are a competely different shade and texture, than the rest of my body. I have what I think are deep wrinkles on my forehead(my husband says I see things he does not), and I had lines at the corner of my lips. My eyelids were droopy, and that stupid naseo-labial line is getting deep. Around my eyes is not too wrinkly, but I have dark circles, due to loss of volume.

I have very sensitive skin, and in my quest to find the perfect skin care routine, I tried things I should not have. One of those things was Retinol. It literally ate my face. I have a scar on my nose from retinol. Other things made my face red, tingle, dry out, break out, anything you can think of. 

One thing I do spend time on, is my skin care. I enjoy the multi-step process. It is actually the ONLY thing I do for myself. In the reading I have done, most women only want to do a three step process. That is not necessarily me. I have tried three step rountines, along with up to 12 steps. It did not seem to matter how many steps I did, not much progress was made. I still had all the sun spots and discoloration on my neck and chest.

I had heard great things for years about LaMer, so I did some reading. The guy who invented it was a rocket scientist, and was badly burned in an explosion. He began work on finding something to help his burns. What he found was seaweed on the Pacific coast. He found playing a certain music while it was doing it’s thing, made all the difference. I really wanted to try it, but is ungodly expensive, so I began looking for something else.

That is when I found my FAVORITE skin care website; AND produts. It is  I started with the masks- they are half the price of others and are awesome. I then tried a double cleansing system(which I wish I had been doing for years), THEN comes the magic. I found some products that have completely transformed my skin; and I have been using it LESS THAN ONE WEEK! Within two days, the tone AND texture of my neck and chest began to change. My sun spots are fading, FAST! 

Not expetcting much, I took no before pictures. Actually, I take very few pictures. My mom was like that, too. All kinds of pictures of us, not many of her. I am not comfortable getting my picture taken, and don’t do selfies. I regret this a bit, only if to show you how my skin looked before. It was never horrible, people say I look about 10-15 years younger than I am, but this new routine is DIFFERENT. 

This is what I have been using: Snowflake and whipping cleansers, along with the marshmallow whip maker by Nooni($43). Vanpir dark repair youth activator by Ladykin($40), advanced snail 96 mucin power essence by COSRX($16), vanpir dark repair cream by Ladykin($25) and snail matrix eye cream by Scinic($10).

I learned that the snail mucin does that SAME thing that the seaweed does in LaMer; but for way, way less money. It is not nearly as gross as it sounds. It is actually very moisturizing, and skin softening. 

I encourage you to peruse the website for your yourself. There is makeup, and other things on this site as well. I have not tried any of the makeup, but ALL of the masks I have tried are awesome.

As well as the tone and texture of my skin changing, the lines at the corners of my mouth ARE GONE. HELPFUL TIP: Use your eye cream around your lips; it works. My wrinkles are even diminishing(which I though was impossible).

As far as masks and peels, I still but Peter Thomas Roth. He has a five or six piece mask set for $45. I have so many masks, scubs and peels, I do one almost every night. The only time I do not do one, is when I am feeling particularly lazy.

For me,taking care of my skin makes me feel better. Being a caregiver, I don’t do much for me–except this. I am lucky that my husband does not care what I spend; he says he just wants me to keep being happy, and beautiful. (Cue the AAHHHH!) These products may seem a bit pricey, but they are WELL worth the price. Thank you for reading, and God bless.


10 thoughts on “Confession of a Skincare Junkie

      1. The snail mucin and vanpir cream have changed the texture of my neck. It felt like that. I was researching LaMer, and the snail mucin does the same thing. It is supposed to even take pimple scars away. I love it.


      2. Not that I noticed; and I have a thing about smells. The mucin is a bit slimy, but not stinky. The vampir serum has no smell(the one in the silver bottle). The vanpir CREAM does have a smell, a but not too strong. Get the mucin and serum; I think you will like them. No sting, no stink, no burning or drying out. The mucin feels really good once pressed in the skin. Sorry I got so wordy; I love skin care. I have learned lots of tips in my 48 years on this earth, as well.


  1. Oh my. Well I have rosacea so I can use very few things on my face, and I wouldn’t even bother with anti-aging stuff. The good news is I’m about to be 43 and I often get told I don’t look old enough to _______ (anything) so I’ve lucked out there. I am me and so of course I can see the aging and the sun damage, but then, I don’t mind.

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